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Being a consumer, it is your right to get good quality services and products. You should get them. However, most of the times you don’t. You are denied of your rights with sub-standard products and services. That’s when your hard earned money goes waste. Should you tolerate this? Of course not. Not raising a voice for injustice is a crime. So, don’t commit one. It’s high time to fight for your rights as a consumer. You have the right to take legal action against the culprits, and make them pay for you. Justice is not given, you need to fight for it.

Are you an unsatisfied consumer? Just come to us for a solution for all your queries and complaints.

We are there for you, and will make sure that your voice is heard, THE LEGAL WAY.

We will give our best to deliver justice.

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The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was replaced with the Consumer Protection Bill. This bill was presented in Lok Sabha back in 2019. Customer rights have been laid down in it, some of which are as follows:

  • Reimbursement in case of fraudulent and unfair trade practices
  • Protection from products and goods that are life threatening
  • Access to various services and products at competitive pricing
  • Information specific to the quantity, quality, standard, purity, and the cost of goods and services
Right of filing a complaint from anywhere
  • In line with this new rule, consumers can now file a complaint from anywhere. It can be office, home or any other place.
Penalties in case of a misleading advertisement
  • The CCPA holds the right to impose a penalty of up to Rs 10 lakhs, along with an imprisonment of two years, for an advertisement that is false or misleading. The fine amount could be extended up to Rs 50 lakhs, while the imprisonment can be extended to five years depending upon the case.
Right for seeking compensation as a part of product liability
  • In the event of any loss to a consumer caused due to a defective product, the consumer has the right to seek compensation by filing a complaint against the service provider or the manufacturer. The vendor or the manufacturer would be held liable in case the product doesn’t confirm to express the warranty

Our Portfolio

Resolved Matter


Mohan Bhargava
Karbonn Mobiles

Received a compensation of 10000
Resolved Matter


Ankit Mohanty

Received a compensation of 40000
Resolved Matter


Anupa Chatarjee

Received a compensation of 60000
Resolved Matter


Varun Kumar
Hero Motocorp

Received a compensation of 100000


Fees or charges for purchase/loss (Any Amount) + 0 or No compensation claim.


+ 18% GST

Fees or charges for purchase/loss (Any Amount) + 10000 compensation claim.


+ 18% GST

Fees or charges for purchase/loss (Any Amount) + 40000 compensation claim.


+ 18% GST

Fees or charges for purchase/loss (Any Amount) + 60000 compensation claim.


+ 18% GST

Fees or charges for purchase/loss (Any Amount) + 100000 compensation claim.


+ 18% GST

Fees or charges for purchase/loss (Any Amount) + 500000 compensation claim.


(additional 40% will be charged after successful recovery of compensation above 500000) + 18% GST

*NOTE - Compensation can be in monetary terms or compensatory services or Goods or vouchers.

Benefits of Filing a Complaint

Saves Valuable Time

Filing a consumer complaint online, would obviously save your time

Device Flexibility

Such a complaint can be filed from a computer, mobile etc.

Complaint from Anyplace

It is possible to file one from any location e.g. office, home or any other location

Expert Consultation

Easily reach our experts for online advice

Ease of Sending a Legal Notice

A legal notice can be sent to the company easily

Compensation claim

Claiming for a compensation in the consumer court is possible

Our Process


Provide all the required details and complete the payment process


Your case details will be forwarded to the team of legal experts


Our legal experts will analyse your case in depth


We will prepare a legal notice draft on your behalf


The Legal Notice draft will be given to you for approval


You will also receive a call from our legal team


Once you approve, the legal notice will be issued to the defaulter


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  • Data Confidentiality & Reliability
  • Prompt Service
  • Satisfied Customers and Clients
  • Expert and Practicing Lawyers
  • Anytime Accessibility
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  • Any consumer that has taken products or services
  • An organization that is legally registered and volunteered
  • A group of customers having a common concern
  • Any Legal beneficiaries of a deceased consumer
  • Consumer Relatives
  • State or central government

A consumer can file a consumer complaint -

  • If a consumer is unhappy with the service or product of any service provider or seller. 
  • If there are any defects detected concerning the products or services provided by the service provider or seller.
  • And if a seller cheats a customer over any product or services.

In these cases, a consumer can file a complaint from his/her side.

To avoid complications in filing a complaint, we provide an online facility for our customers, where a consumer can file its consumer complaint online through visiting our website and follow the registration process.
Yes, According to the Consumer Protection Act, if anyone is unsatisfied with the decision given by the National Commission, one can proceed with the Revision Petition, i.e., one can file a Special Leave Petition in Supreme Court within a limited time of thirty days.
When a consumer complaint is filed against a person, and if a person violates the decision taken by the State or National Commission, then it can lead him/her to imprisonment for up to one month, which in critical circumstances may get extended to three years.
Certainly, considering the case and the condition, if proven in court, a consumer can claim compensation from one.
Although it depends on the company that deals with the customer’s problem still, we instantly take the needed action as soon as we get the application from the customer. We do constant follow-up with the company to get done with the existing matter and get the case settled. To date, we have resolved most cases quickly.

To file a consumer complaint, a customer has to -

  • File (register) its complaint on ""
  • Provide the necessary details of both yourself (the applicant) and the fraudulent company. 
  • And now choose a package from the package options.

Now, your consumer complaint is registered with us.

Once your basic process is over, we take strict action against the company by sending it a legal notice.

Yes, in order to support your consumer complaint that you file, you need legible evidence that can be clearly understood.
We support multiple payment modes. Hence, you can make the payment through -
  • Debit Card or Credit Card, 
  • Internet or Net Banking, and 
  • UPI modes like Paytm, Phone Pe or GPay.